TopXLS Excel editor with Ethercalc

TopXLS Excel editor online with Ethercalc

Our web application to create and edit XLS spreadsheets. It uses EtherCalc, which is the spreadsheet equivalent of a wiki document. App available in our cloud hosted platform: 

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 TopXLS is a web application to create and edit XLS spreadsheets. It uses EtherCalc which is the spreadsheet equivalent of a wiki document, without logins and without editing locks. People can collaborate on a spreadsheet-like page simultaneously. It's somewhat a google sheet alternative, open source style


TopXLS Excel editor online with Ethercalc


TopXLS is based on EtherCalc, which is a free, open source web app accessible on any platform with a browser that supports javascript. Its user interface  is clean and visually user friendly. It can create simple charts and forms while supporting commenting and simultaneous editing with multiple users. As such, it can use a collaborative tool.

It is a fully online solution. Users don’t have to download any desktop software or even create an account. User can login the app, create the XLS spreadsheet,  collaborate and edit the spreadsheet together, download the Excel XLS and leave.

It can save the spreadsheet to a HTML, .csv, or Microsoft Excel file as an export. Formats supported are:

  • Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP (.xls, .xlw, and .xlt)
  • Microsoft Excel 4.x–5.0/95 (.xls, .xlw, and .xlt)
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 XML (.xml)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 XML (.xlsx, .xlsm, .xltx, .xltm)
  • OpenDocument formats (.ods and .ots)
  • Text CSV (.csv and .txt)

It is a solution for quick calculations and table creation in a collaborative environment with absolutely no time or interest in setting up persistent environments.

Main features:

  • View a Excel xls spreadsheet in a Web browser
  • Edit a Excel xls spreadsheet in a Web browser
  • Change data, enter or edit formulas, and apply basic formatting add tables and hyperlinks
  • Test tools like cut, copy, paste and undo/redo
  • Store the Excel XLS spreadsheet on a website where your workmates or friends can access it
  • Calculations
  • Charts and tables to format data and manage information
  • Find cell content in the active worksheet
  • Font and cell formatting
  • Insert/delete rows and columns
  • Change the alignment
  • Coauthoring, work in the same spreadsheet at the same time by opening it in their web browser