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AudioStudio audio editor online

AudioStudio audio editor online

Create and edit any audio file with the AudioStudio, the integration of Beautiful audio editor with RedcoolMedia. App available in our cloud hosted platform: 





AudioStudio audio editor online


AudioStudio is an audio editor to create or modify any music or audio file. It is an integration of the Beautiful audio editor with the the RedcoolMedia platform. It contains numerous features to import, export, duplicate, split, trim, modify the speed, increase the volume, merge, etc, audio files.

In order to implement this functionality, this web app includes multiple buttons that provides the following functionality:

- Reset button resets the play pointer to the beginning and stops play.

- Play/pause button plays or pauses audio at the current time.

- Move button switches into move mode, in which you can move sections within and across tracks by dragging them. 

- Duplicate button switches into duplicate mode, in which you can click sections to duplicate them.

- Split button switches into split-section mode, in which you can split sections by pressing on them and then releasing upon finalizing the split location.

- Remove button switches into remove mode, in which you can click sections to remove them.

- Time signature button makes the grid display in 4/4 time signature - 4 beats per 2 seconds.

- Undo button undos the previous action if it exists.

- Redo button redoes the previously undone action if it exists.

- Download WAV button downloads the project as a WAV file.

- Download MP3 button downloads the project as an MP3 file.

- MP3 exporting is slower than WAV exporting, but compresses audio, so MP3 files may be much smaller than their WAV counterparts.

- Render button renders the whole project into a separate track.

- Recording button. Start recording on a mono channel through your default microphone by clicking on this button.

 Moreover, AudioStudio includes audio modification using effects. You can apply effects to tracks and the master output. Effects range from simple ones such as gain, pan, and dynamic compression to varieties of frequency filters. It also includes Zoom in or out with the zoom slider in the footer. Higher numbers correspond to more detailed zooms.