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A tribute to Marlene DIETRICH

Marlene Dietrich is first and foremost an actress and singer who made film history with the extraordinary imprint she left on the screen after the film was finished. Her velvet voice, enhanced with a hint of German accent, gave her body that languor of which she alone had the secret, and was tinged when she sang in a unique raucous shade.
But Marlene also lent this splendid body and voice to the greatest fashion designers, and magnified their creations in all moments of her life as a woman. The Palais Galliera (the fashion museum of the city of Paris) devoted an exhibition to her in 2003, from a collection borrowed from the Filmmuseum in Berlin.
Because the one that is still called today the Blue Angel, from the name of the film which gave birth to the myth (the name of the character was actually Lola-Lola, The Blue Angel being the name of the cabaret itself), attached great importance to clothing, whether above or below. For her, who went so far as to ask her dresser to sew the dress directly on her, in order to perfectly fit her shapes, the question of elegance did not seem to arise: everything had to contribute to it, down to the smallest piece. tissue.
For this collection inspired by Marlene's films, the Italian Fashion Designer Danilo Forestieri revisits some of his most famous outfits, from the blue angel's guêpière to the famous male costume that she wears in Morocco, long before Yves Saint-Laurent made a feminine garment of it, passing by the black dress of Shangaï Express or the one of The Scandalous of Berlin, whose moiré reflections underline every form of the actress, sorry: of the model.
Faithful to the requirements of the actress, Danilo polishes every detail, corrects the slightest crease, so that the garment “falls” perfectly, that it becomes one with the silhouette that wears it, until it obtains the whole perfect harmony.
The pictures have been shot by Photographer MOJA with Broncolor lights (of course) and processed as old highly coloured postcards.

Photographer : Moja
Production by : Absolute Blue SA
Fashion Designer : Danilo Forestieri
Photo Equipment : Broncolor
Field : Anne-Sophie Van den Bogaert , Mitzy Fiippi
Styling : Cassandre Lebrun
Lighting assistants : inhoa Querejeta, Carolina Mayorca, Florian Strée
Models : Desiree Selmanovic, Simone Joy
Make-up artist : Raffaele Schioppo for Simone Belli Agency
Hairstylist : Alessandro Rocchi for Simone Belli Agency
Retouching : Ruslana Kedria
Video by : Antonio Bocola
Video Editor : Federico Mazza
Drone : Deiv Romoli

Special thanks to Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

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