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Dreamscape Reflections for a Quieting Earth (Anthropause)

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ANTHROPAUSE (POEM, late July 2020)

Dream shadows
of a quieting Earth.
The Anthropause has been
a time of quieting of
human traffic of literal vibrations
we send
through the Earth.

She pauses,
to collect her breath.

A moment to reflect
on the activities of

giving pause

to our collective impact
on this fragile
beauty in which we
live and
create our lives.



In July, 2020, research was published by seismologists that showed that during the time of
lockdowns globally, between March and July, this year, there had been a significant reduction in the literal vibrations that human activity sends through the living Earth.

I read this research a few days before I wrote this music and began creating the video.
Although I had not set out to create a music film/video project based entirely on the quieting phase of the Earth, it did coincide in this time and my reading of that research. And my approach to the video was partially based in envisioning walking in nature places, and my sense of dreamscapes in the landscapes. These are some of the ways I interact in my places and they reflect also on some of the impact and lessening impact over the time of the quieting of human activity that has drastically impacted the Earth and vibrations.

What I did set out to do, however, was that I intended to submit my music (newly written) and a short music video to a project for a film "submission" for a documentary to be made about a day in the life of people during this time.

Turns out that they did not want music of any kind or in any way, disappointingly for artists and musicians. So, I started instead to create my own short music film video in visual reflections over this time. Mostly a creative project, that ended up merging with other ideas.

Merging the creating of visuals and music, (as do all music videos) even though the music came first, I then realised that it is part of my own personal reflection through the time of the quieting phase. The naming of the video came about after the process of creating it, rather than as a set venture to attempt to make something relatingspecifically to that idea.

It also represents in parts, walking through our places, and reflects my own contexts of academic writing of learning in relationship to/with place. Touching the Earth gently. Dreaming places. Mystical representations of images in nature. Undefined ideas in images.

Most of the scenes were shot also well before any lockdown time or pandemic, over various times, episodically, randomly, and in different places. Only one scene was shot in the quieting Earth phase, after lockdown restrictions eased and we ventured to the sea again from where we now live. That's in the opening scene.

Although it is my strong understanding that nature needs no filter or special effects to show us her beauty, I have used some simple filtering and effects in some scenes in order to portray a Utopian hyper-reality (surreal?) interdimensional sense of a dreams film scenario, while some scenes are left completely natural, with no effects whatsoever other than nature's simplicity.

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