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This course was brought about by a request to do a course on “stepping into your power.” This is a concept I think ideologically can be helpful but very challenging to bring to bear. I had to dig into what I feel personal power is and how to help people access and use it. Like most of my work up until this point, what came to me is inner freedom. Freedom from unreal barriers that we’ve internalized as a result of our upbringing and culture. The power is there, waiting and unchanging. I want to bring about a process of accessing it, integrating it and bringing it to action. Freedom and clarity are a stellar beginning to the process of unearthing and then living our potential.

This is a basic or 101 level series in three six week courses that will combine writing exercises, rituals and aid through healing work. Each course can be continued and expanded upon personally and there will be recommended ongoing work. Mastery of anything requires a large amount time and dedication. These courses will focus on an orientation that yields its own fruit and also can set the direction of further personal development. To join, simply sign up for the $33 tier at . Each 6 week course will cost $66 but if you stay on for the entire series it will only cost $165 and will include everything else our patreon offers at that level.

I: The Stories of You

This six weeks will focus on writing exercises, meditations and spiritual tools that bring to the surface unconscious beliefs you have about yourself and how they have impacted the narrative you’re living. We’ll use myth, symbolism and dreams to add a richness to your perspective. We’ll dissect our true goals, the things that really matter to us and the beliefs that serve these goals moving forward.

II. The Stories of Your World

This six week course will emphasize a reorientation to information through clarity of mind, intuition and questioning larger societal ideas and beliefs. This course will also include writing exercises, meditations and spiritual tools but will also include ceremony as a means of release. It’s important to feel solid in oneself and ones values moving into this space where we’ll confront fear and the anchors that both hold us and stabilize us. Completing I: The Stories of You prior to this course is recommended.

III: Seizing Your Saga

This six weeks will focus on bringing your newfound goals to bear. The focus will be on creating a strong container or foundation for your goals through ritual and real world action. There will be writing exercises, meditations, rituals and ceremony. There will also be a call to break goals down into steps and taking the steps necessary to achieve them. This exploration will include a study of the symbolism we encounter, fears that arise in the world, triggers and obstacles then coming back to center and strength.

There is no greater beauty than the raw, dynamic expression of a human life. I look forward to sharing in the upcoming bloom. Thank you for reading,


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