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Abundance Activation: SuperYES to SuperYOU

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This is the free video Abundance Activation: SuperYES to SuperYOU that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video Abundance Activation: SuperYES to SuperYOU.

Have you ever felt like you’re doing all the right things? You try to stay positive, you visualize, meditate, have a vision board, and say daily affirmations … and still no abundance?

Do you throw your hands up in frustration and think…

… “Why doesn’t this ever work for me?”

… “Other people have it so much easier than I do.”

… “This is crapola”

Look, I get it. How long are you supposed to keep trying to make something work before you just gotta give up and keep on living the same mundane existence… no matter how much you want it to change?

Do you realize that when you do that, you’re telling the universe that your mundane existence is the happiest you ever want to be?

You’re literally asking the universe to send you more of the “mundane existence” energy and the universe will make you abundant in that!

All it takes is a simple (but not easy) shift in your willingness to actually go for what you want for the universe to respond in kind. If what you’re doing now on isn’t “working” … Then you need to be doing something different!

At my Live Event in LA, “Abundance Activation: SuperYES to SuperYOU!”, I’ll help you find and demolish all of those annoying abundance blocks … Those obstructive things in your daily life that are the reason all your hard work hasn’t been paying off.

During the Live Event, you’ll uncover where hidden Substances of Consciousness are downgrading your abundance and ignite your natural Superpower of Intention to overpower any lower vibes that exist in your current reality!

Take advantage of the Massive Action Bonus and Join me for....
3 days of non-stop abundance block shazamming with me...!
March 29-31

Details can be found on this page>>

There will be 10 Powerful, Life Transforming Sessions!

Session 1: Super-Intention-Activation: Shazam The Substances Of Consciousness To Quantum Leap Your Abundance.

Session 2: Super-Transmutation: Manipulate Your Reality With The Power Of Your Thoughts, Words, And Actions.

Session 3: Super-Time-Mastery: Master The Art Of Going Back Into Time To Heal Your Abundance Blocks.

Session 4: Super-Easy: Creating Portals Of Luck By Learning How To Ask For Help And Guidance. Taking Guided Action Is Always Easiest.

Session 5: Super-Intuitiveness: Imagine You Could Have A Telephone To Your Infinite Self And Get Answers To Your Questions.

Session 6: Super-Divinity: Tap Into The Power Of Source Energy To Create An Abundance Magnet.

Session 7: Super E-Motion: Tap Into The Awesome Power Of Positivity, Gratitude And Make Abundance Happen From That Space.

Session 8: Super-Belief: Focusing On What You Actually Want And Aligning All Your Beliefs To It, Will Get You What You Want. Learn How In This Power-Packed Session.

Session 9: Super-Receiver: My Tribe Is Usually Made Of Givers, Who Love To Give. But What If Receiving More, So You Have More To Give Is The Ultimate Answer To Dismantling Your Abundance Blocks? Mother Teresa Manifested Millions Of Dollars And Gave It All Away.

Session 10: Super-Activator: What Is Your Soul Is Calling For You To Say YES, YES, YES To YOU, YOU, YOU? What Are You Waiting For….?

Say ‘Yes!’ To SuperYOU And Take Action To Activate Your Abundance Prima Materia!

Why should you consider coming to a live weekend?
* Because it's the only way you can get your personal questions answered by me or my team.

* It's going to be filled with amazing material to shift your abundance.

* . You are going to clear the top 5 blocks most people have.

* You will understand why people don't get happy unless they finally fix their abundance flow. Abundance blocks effect all areas of, time, energy, relationships, self love, EVERYTHING!

* You get to bathe in the magic of abundance all weekend long!

So, I am happy to guide you and help you to fix your abundance issues!

Come join the fun!
Love to see you!

Christie Sheldon

Another option:


Join me Thursday or Friday for an exclusive event.
Limited Space! 20 People Max Per Group. $3500
March 28 10 Am -12 Noon
March 29 9 Am – 11 Am

Q and A With Christie + Abundance Block Clearing Group Session

This is the CLOSEST you can get to a PRIVATE SESSION WITH CHRISTIE so Take Advantage before the last slots fill up. ONLY 20 spots per group so ACT NOW!.

This is a group activity where we meet and I help you clear your pesky PERSONAL abundance blocks as a group and take Q and A with everyone.

Lock In Your Spot Here!

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