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Exploring the intersection between natural vs synthesized movement.

Pure improvisation recorded on the morning of 27th October 2017 in the extraordinary acoustic of the empty WW2 oil tank at the Lyness Naval Base on the Orkney island of Hoy.

Early start across the fields
Broken engines and boat parts strewn in the dew-cold grass

Here is the enormous oil tank empty of oil and dark inside
A museum of naval machinery hulks
The rust-crunching floor between standing waters echoes from under our feet
High above us rust-holes in the roof cast thin bright beams projecting astonishing upside down pinhole suns with clouds chasing onto the continuous curved and riveted iron wall
A neolithic cinema
Elsewhere fragmented fractal projections though smoke
One door wide to the light

Stereo pair and laptop set up
Swimming in surround sound
Deep water, deep time
The German fleet was scuppered here

Did the early humans build their temples of darkness and silence in order to emerge with renewed consciousness into the sound and into the light?

And here we are in the bright sun again and the wind, not knowing each other or the music we have made

released December 7, 2019

Mettje Hunneman - visuals

Daniel Dumnov - Accordion, Electric Bass
Matt Wright - Soprano Saxophone, Bells
Tim Vincent-Smith - Viola, Voice, Sanzula

Matt Webb - Double Bass

Resonancy curated by Tim Vincent-Smith

Recorded, Edited & Mixed by Daniel Dumnov
Mastered by Dave House at The Noisefloor

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