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Maelstrm 3

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My soul is a black Maelström, a huge matter, a movement around the void, a flow in the ocean, locked in a human presence of a body. Into waters, looking more like whirls, are floating pictures of anything I saw and heard in the world.

«Nel fondo oscuro della mia anima, invisibili, si combattevano delle forze sconosciute, e il mio essere era il terreno di battaglia e io tremavo per lo scontro ignoto»
Fernando Pessoa

The sperimentation of a shape trapped in definite limits, unable to move from an immaginary place in which it is enclosed, is the base where Maelström settles. A Maelström, a north-european word formed by malen “turning” and stroom “flow”, it is a natural power which break in with arrogance through very tight passages, not being able to flow easily anymore.

From the beginning the void is inhabited by many scraps of the soul. The bodies that display themselves also define the self perceived limits, within which they move, in addition to materialize the various aspects. They are enclosed in a mental cage as well as they are in an actual frame.

We see various self, which are representing the split of three scraps of one soul, in the act of mirroring, of looking for each other, of chase each other.These ripetitive and forced movements flow into a rupture: through them the mental limits are taken down.

“As my body is immersed in a narrow and tight place, always searching for a key that brings it to a liberation, (thus) taking part in the surrounding whole.”
Melissa Seclì

Of which matter is the soul made? Is it imaginary or real?
The revelation of one soul as an entity, a natural phenomenon, Maelström.

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