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for the sound exploration, I used common house surface filters in combination with graphs of airport noice routes, seismic spectrograms registrations, seismograms and sound infograms. Also used sounds from earthquakes, noise and land movement.

through the online residence of sciame project titled uninhabited/uncustom
I had the opportunity to explore how I conceive this subject.
the main areas of mine visual exploration, are three of the the first elements, water, air and sound.
nowadays the way that we enjoy those elements has changed in my opinion. We have to use an artificial ‘non - solution’ or better an evasion of the problem -filters-, so we can enjoy the natural result (creating at the same moment new problems).
objects that are part of our every day life, have their own imagination, that I tried to explore through photography/video/sound. Also, I choose to involve the factor of time, through digital time. Collections of science data that measure and give us a different view of nature observation, every day now for more than 20 years (≈ millennial period)

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