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Quadruped Cervical Retraction. CStr.

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What is the purpose of this exercise?

To strengthen the muscles of the neck which contract to retract the cervical spine (essentially making a double chin)

*A big thing here is that the exercise is performed in a hands and knees position. By performing it this way rather than sitting or standing it reduces the compressive load on the neck due to gravity - meaning this should generally be easier and less painful and so a good entry point for someone with a lot of pain or weakness.

Why would you utilize it?

From a pain standpoint: Neck strengthening has been shown to be valuable for a variety of neck pain related conditions. Cervical retractor strengthening specifically will be helpful for the majority of neck pain conditions and may assist with treating tension headaches as well

From a performance standpoint: Neck strength is important for a variety of athletes such as wrestlers, football players, and any other contact athlete. A stronger neck has also been shown to reduce chance of sustaining a concussion

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