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The Future of Content Marketing
In 1994, Bill Gates coined the phrase “Content is King.” Today however, many companies are at a crossroads with their content marketing. Through the years, SEO experts have told brands adding content to your web and social sites is what drives consumers back to you via search results. And, while this is sound advice, most of the content created has been in the form of text, which is not the preferred choice when consuming content online.
Video however is quickly becoming the king of content. Studies show that within a year, video will be 90% of all internet traffic. Brands, however, are not taking full advantage of this growing trend for a number of reasons including time, resources and expense. Let’s face it - video is difficult to make, time consuming and expensive. Not only that, but companies just don’t know where to start. They know video is an important part of their marketing efforts, but they don’t know how to create a strategy for it.
Through their gallant efforts, many brands will produce a video or even several about their companies’ mission, history, customer testimonials and so on, figuring they have a solid video marketing strategy. While these videos have their place, they are often expensive to make, time consuming and limited in scope with little S.EO. benefit. So, how do brands take advantage of videos power of persuasion while helping to increase their bottom line?
At VideoBro, we’ve helped solve this problem by developing an effective video conversion strategy through the power of Artificial Intelligence, allowing brands to create video quickly and affordably. Video conversion is the process where we can take most any form of text including Word, PowerPoint, PDF, blog or URL and turn it into a video. In most cases, this is content you have already developed, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, saving time and money.
It’s also great for consumers, giving them a choice when learning about your product or services. The greatest benefit, however, is through search results. Search engines love video and the more of it you have, the greater chance people will discover you. It’s just that simple. By converting your text to video, you now have repurposed content for your site, email and social sites including YouTube, which is now the world’s second largest search engine and owned by Google.
It is clear that video is the future of digital marketing. Start taking advantage of this growing trend now by converting your text into video. Learn more at or call us direct at 509-953-0302.

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