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GSM Sunday - May 16

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Reflection Questions:

1. What is something you are learning in school that you feel will be totally irrelevant when you are an adult?

2. Other than talking out loud, what are some ways you communicate with your friend?

3. How would you define listening to God?

4. “You can listen to God through His Word.” What makes that statement so difficult to believe for most people?

5. What do you think makes listening to God difficult for some people?

6. God speaks to us through His word. He also speaks to us through His people. As you are listening to God, who is someone you can talk through that with?

7. Has there been a time in your life, when a Bible verse related to your life in a very practical way?

8 How would your life be better if you heard from God clearly?

9. What is one way you could try to listen to God this week?

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