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Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Digital Accessibility

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>> Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi: Governors, Jennifer Mizrahi, RespectAbility Report. In your initiative specifically around computers, there has been dramatic change and progress in accessibility for people with disabilities to use computers. What are you doing in your initiative to ensure that students who are blind have access to screen reader accessible materials, that Zoom always is turning on captions in the classroom, and that people who need to use speech-to-text are able to use that, and that the schools are providing the right technologies? Likewise, the NGA had a huge initiative around disability employment, and congratulations, because it's the highest growth in labor force participation rate in the history of our country. I wondered if you could comment on assistive technology and job growth for people with disabilities. Thank you.

>> Governor Asa Hutchinson: I think it's a great opportunity to improve the lives and productivity of those with disabilities whenever we can make digital access more available. It's a tool that those with disabilities can really improve their lives with. And so in Arkansas, we've tried to increase the employment opportunities for those with disabilities. You raised some very good points in terms of access to computers and to online education, to make sure that we don't forget about those that might need some assistance there. And so that needs to be a part of the effort. It was pointed out to me today that some of our online licensing requirements -- excuse me, our licensing requirements for different professions, they have in-person requirements versus online, and we want to make that more available. So that's something we're gonna look at in Arkansas to make sure that's not a handicap or a difficulty for those with disabilities to getting the licenses and access to our services in the state.

Video Description: Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and Colorado Governor Jared Polis speak at the front of a room with reporters seated in rows between them and the camera.

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