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GoldFraud Families Press Release 26/01/22 (See Description)

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The following is a selection of
recorded calls with HSE staff
Waterford regarding FAKE
Psychologist Caroline Goldsmith.

The HSE confirm that Caroline
Goldsmith is not a qualified
Psychologist, and not qualified to
carry out Autism assessments.
They have known about this for
many years.
We have begged them to make a
public statement, asking them to
protect the Autistic/Disabled
community and those with Mental
Health issues, to protect them
from this dangerous
UNQUALIFIED charlatan. They
promised us they would do
something but nothing has been
done to date.
Goldsmith is still at large,
diagnosing children and adults.
She is apparently now also
prescribing medication.
She is a self confessed Anti-vaxxer
with a history of supplying quack
products to Autistic children.
Hundreds of families have
been/are being harmed by this
awful Woman.
In certain areas throughout the
country the HSE and Department
of Education are STILL turning a
blind eye and accepting her
We have reports of GPs actually
RECOMMENDING her in recent
The HSE inaction and silence is
protecting this charlatan.
We (her victims) have suffered
In light of the recent scandal with
the HSE and CAMHS in Kerry we
want the public to know about
this FRAUD Goldsmith. The HSE
are responsible for this Goldfraud

We want Justice!


Press Release By Goldfraud
Families 26/01/22

The HSE promised they would
make a public statement to alert
the public of the dangers of using
unqualified Psychologists. The HSE
are aware of Caroline Goldsmith, a
person who to date the HSE have
been accepting reports from
despite knowing this person is
unqualified to conduct
assessments. The HSE have only
warned the staff internally about
Caroline Goldsmith and the many
other aliases she uses.

Goldsmith sent
credentials/certificates that were
later confirmed as fraudulent to
two parents. Parents have reached
out to the HSE including Tom
Pender ( Principal Psychology
manager) at HSE Waterford, Roisin
Egan (manager at Progressing
Disability Services in the South
East) Mairi Keenleyside (previous
Psychology manager) at HSE
Waterford. In recorded calls with
these HSE managers the following
comments were made.

Mairi Keenleyside is on record as
saying "this woman is really

"I can assure you I have tried to go
about this at the highest level".
"She is a slick operator and very

This senior Psychologist stated that
she has reported Goldsmith to the
Gardai and wanted to mobilize
Gardai into action. Mairi also says
that Caroline Goldsmith has
threatened her and reported her to
her colleagues in the HSE.

Tom Pender is on record as saying
“I’m very aware of Caroline
Goldsmith and I am trying to
figure out what to do". "The
Department of Education are
accepting her reports". "If it was
straightforward Mairi would have
made a statement and we are
afraid of being sued by Caroline

Roisin Egan is on record as saying
"she wouldn't call Goldsmith a
doctor". She said they were going
to send warning letters to parents
about Goldsmith. Roisin says "we
cannot publicly name Goldsmith or
Goldsmith will sue the HSE"

In light of the ongoing horrific
story regarding the junior Doctor
and the abuse and mishandling of
our vulnerable children under the
so-called care of CAMHS in Co.
Kerry. The HSE are aware of
serious concerns/complaints which
have been raised since 2013
regarding Caroline Goldsmith the
unqualified Psychologist.

Goldsmith is still practicing today
even though the HSE state that
they have serious concerns about
this Woman.

The HSE have known about this
charlatan for many years but are
scared to call her out for fear of
litigation. There are recorded
phone calls from HSE senior
Psychologists and a Disability
manager confirming these facts.

No one is listening to us, the
victims. We need someone to
listen now. Our vulnerable children,
adults are at risk.

Goldsmith is apparently
prescribing medication to
vulnerable children and adults
now. This has to STOP!

It is a scandal that the HSE are
aware of Goldsmith not being
qualified and refer to her as
dangerous. However after making
many promises to parents that
they would act they have in fact
done nothing to protect our
vulnerable children and adults.

We the parents and the HSE Know
this charlatan is diagnosing
children and adults with Autism
and ADHD without having any
proper qualifications.

We are calling on the HSE to help
us protect vulnerable children and
adults and we are calling on the
Government to regulate




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