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Documentary summary | Hope Makes the Future

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This is the final result of all the work. 50 meters that go from hope to future. Starting with the word "Hope" and a refugee child that was drawn a long time ago and which symbols the hard road ahead. This labyrinth represented the difficulties that people face when escaping from war. In the drawing there are many paths that cross each other. The brown one means the road from Syria to Palestine, Iran, to Turkey. The blue path represents the boat from Turkey to Athens. And the grey one is a hard path that most of them chose to cross the Balkans so they can meet their families. On the other side of the wall, we drew the word - Make - as a reference to all that you have to work for to not loose hope, and to also be strong and to try and use any waiting time as something useful like learning a language, because time goes and never comes back. Finally, the laft word - future - just after - make - symbolises the way it can get easier and how we have to look towards the future as that is the most important thing! The background colors also have a meaning, red means the past, the blood and the war. The red turns into yellow meaning the moment is changing and it can become the right moment. But it is also represents some uncertainty as no one knows exactly when the war will end and sometimes where in Europe they will end. The yellow turns to green and finally blue. The colour Blue is our chance of hope and freedom.

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