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People always ask me if I am doing Tai Chi Chuan. I actually bought a book on Tai Chi the same day I took my first Wing Tsun lesson and I have practiced it off and on this whole time. I prefer the Chen Man Ching version myself. I can see so much overlap with our Wing Tsun and Latosa Escrima so I thought I would make up some exercises. This is not a true form (yet) but just a new fun way to practice since we need to train alone now. It connects directly to my mini Siu Nim Tau starter form and the IDG beginners program. All of these are for the Street Defense program we start new members with in EBMAS. I have a link to Dai Si-Fu Emin doing that program (some of it) earlier in this newsfeed.
Old WT players often do need another form to learn. Biu Tze is years away for most and there are benefits to learning a new movement set. It also has health and meditation benefits. It is fun! With COVID19 forcing us to train alone, this might be fun.
I will eventually make it into the 37 posture form I think, but doing it to fit WT applications and centerline theory instead of Tai Chi. We do not NEED anything to make WT better, but it is missing this esoteric feel many of us enjoy. We also need to rebuild the lost connection in Wing Chun to Chinese medicine and the Tai Chi is a great place to do that.
Please note: The Siu Nim Tau form is already a high quality Chi Gung health and energy exercise. We do not need to go looking for one!

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