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Xiaohui Wu-13588619-Assessment2-Prototype/Video Communicat

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Song name: 古典中国风律动的短视频配乐(Short video soundtrack of classical Chinese style rhythm)
Author: No matter

Proposed concept from Assessment 1:

“Ancient Journey Chinese Hairpin” is an interactive experience and visual enjoyment that showcases the “Chinese Hairpin” use by the girls back in the ancient time that when they turned 15 years old, as the hairpin is the representative of being an adult at that time. When the girls will have an age ceremony, tie up their hair and put on the hairpin, it means they are available for marriage as an adult. The exhibition has combined the Chinese style with the modern technology 3D holographic projector at MAAS Museum.

In order to attract visitors, the exhibition mainly uses red and yellow colors to give a visual impact. Walk through the red carpet and get the hairpin given by the staff at MAAS as the key to start the Ancient Journey. Put the hairpin in the keyhole and open the door. After entering the Chinese-style door, you can see that there is a prompt that says, “step on me” in the middle of the red carpet. The visual enjoyment begins. Using 3D projection technology, the beautiful dynamic pictures of ancient female ornamental hairpins are reflected on the glass of 3 latitudes, a 3D visual effect is formed visually, and it feels like they appear in front of the visitors. The 3D projector is hidden on the ceiling and reflects the image on the glass through Chinese lanterns. There is the foot sign on the ground, when visitor step on it, it will activate the 3D holographic projector.

Also, next to the door is the installation can review the face, when the user brings their face to the screen, it will automatically come up with the Chinese hairpin masks with the traditional Chinese hairstyle together. The feature is finding the point of the users’ face so when users move the masks will flower up with the face, when the users click the circle button it will start take a photo, or if hold the button for while it will take a video. The users can use Bluetooth function to send that to their phone.

These two interactive experiences allow visitors to feel the charm of ancient Chinese hairpins as decorations combined with ancient hairstyles and costumes, and allow visitors to see what they would look like if they wear them.

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