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Blinking Through The Seasons

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“Blinking Through The Seasons” is an animatic created with the purpose to showcase how John Moyr Smith's 1878 ceramic tiles called “The Seasons” would be reinterpreted as a projected interaction using the technology of modern eye-tracking.

“The Seasons” is a ceramic tile created in honour of the poem “Seasons” by James Thomson of 1726, the poem itself notions the idea of the natural time; how seasons come and go and the continuous paradigm of the human cycle alongside it. As the tile is rather small, this project aims to enlargen its detailed illustrations whilst allowing the concept to thrive with its interaction. The intention is for the user to blink multiple times to go through each season. With each passing second, a whole season passes by, and another, and another. By the time the user has finished, they would have gone through almost years of time with a blink of an eye.

The video is communicated through a combination of first and third-person experience as the interaction’s main function relies on blinking. Each time the user blinks whilst looking at the project piece, an illustrated scene of each season will change. This scenario is from a perspective of a user who is both interested in interactive technology and illustrative arts and therefore is determined and curious to ‘play’ with the project. The result of this interaction can either be one of ignorance towards the continuous movement of time or one that recognises and becomes one with it. Regardless of how long one stays standing whilst staring at the piece, hopefully, they'll be able to enjoy the minor details in the original ceramic tiles.

This design is part of the student learning experience in 87009 or 87445 VC Design Studio: Visualising Experience Spring 2021 in the Faculty of Design Architecture and Built Environment (DAB) University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and is not a professional design outcome. This project was developed under the guidance of studio leaders and demonstrators. As a response to a notional assessment brief, it is not directly connected to the Powerhouse Museum.

Music Credits:
Erik Satie. (1884). Gymnopédie No.1 [Song] SME, LatinAutorPerf.

wielkimi (2019). Atmosphere interior Museum of Archeology , Naples. [Sound Effect]. Uploaded on FreeSound

Image Credit:
John Moyr Smith (1878). ‘The Seasons’ [Image] MAAS.

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