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The Wonder Room is an interactive and immersive AR experience and light exhibition situated within the MAAS museum, based on a 6-inch refracting transit telescope made by Troughton and Simms in 1875. Dominating the scientific activities at the Sydney Observatory up until the 1960s, the artefact’s enduring use as a support instrument in major
star mapping projects, as well as its observational work in measuring Sydney time demonstrates how the scientific nature of astrology is always constant, due to the endless possibilities of outer space.

Designed for all audiences, but more focused for children in particular, The Wonder Room immerses users in a beautifully designed planetarium dome, attempting to bring the original object to life and inspire audiences on the possibilities of the undiscovered. By allowing users to simulate the experience of using the telescope through AR technology, the user will walk through a simplified process on how the telescope works as well as discover significant stars and constellations specific to the telescope’s history. This information is envisioned through a level-by-level game, where users are directed to look for specific stars, and can walk around the space freely to imagine they are discovering these stars themselves. Thus, my proposed concept attempts to introduce young audiences to a whole canon of astrological knowledge that is unknown and inspire all audiences through a light-hearted and immersive experience.

This design is part of the student learning experience in 87009 VC Design Studio: Visualising Experience Spring 2021 in the Faculty of Design Architecture and Built Environment (DAB) University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and is not a professional design outcome. This project was developed under the guidance of studio leaders and demonstrators. As a response to a notional assessment brief, it is not directly connected to the Powerhouse Museum.

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