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Marian Bear Memorial Park is one of Anders Tomlinson's a year in the life of projects. On October 8, 2021 he went into the canyons hoping that the rains would continue. All his cameras were weather proof and he had a raincoat in his back pocket. The rain did not return and his hiking plans were altered by the puddle. He decided to stay here and be in the moment and see what would happen. When the unexpected happens Anders stays alert and takes advantage of any given opportunity. This video was shot with a gopro 9. Music by Denver Clay, audio mixing by SonicAtomics.

Here is information from the San Diego Parks and Recreation website about Marian Bear Memorial Park:

"The public can enjoy over three miles of mostly flat trails along the length of the canyon. More challenging hiking is available on the trails in several of the finger canyons leading up to the mesa tops. Biking is permitted on the maintenance roads in the canyon; no equestrian use is permitted.

Native Americans have inhabited the area of San Diego County for 10,000 years. Evidence of their presence still remains in San Clemente Canyon. They camped around waterholes and streams, hunted game, and gathered wild foods from the area. While harvesting the abundant resources, Native Americans were aware of the balance between people and the environment.

In the late 19th century, this area was named Clemente Canyon for a Native American rancher. During the 1970s nature's balance was threatened by plans to place state Route 52 along the canyon floor.

Marian Bear, an active community leader and environmentalist, worked tirelessly to preserve the canyons in their natural state. She was the driving force behind realigning the highway from the canyon floor to the north hillsides. In the 1980s another community campaign resulted in an additional 72 acres in the southeast section for the present total of 467 acres."

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