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PALETTE - Michael Roush - Ballet w.i.p. Absinthe (Act II o

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PALETTE - An Evening Ballet w.i.p. in Two Acts, conceived and written by Michael Roush. Original Music Compositions by Michael Roush, and by Tim Shaw.
All Rights Reserved

Set during La Belle Epoque in Paris, PALETTE is the story of "Aimee", a quiet and unassuming young woman who works in her father's boulangerie.

While some consider Aimee backwards and aloof, "Jean", a young man who works in the kitchen, knows better, smitten and watching with admiration as Aimee toils with the day-to-day.

Surrounded by so many artists, performers, musicians and other creatives of the time and who frequent around her and the streets of Paris, Aimee paints at night, behind closed doors in her small room upstairs.

Few are aware of her amazing gifts, and certainly no one knows the colorful, imaginative canvases she creates seem to come alive in brilliant and vibrant fantasies. It's a secret she only shares with her mother, who is infirm, and who Aimee takes care of. The paintings are inspired journeys of magic, sometimes thrilling, sometimes peaceful and serene, and always of joy, which brings deeply meaningful smiles to her mother.

Aimee befriends a young, 9yr old girl, "Noelle", who's been living hand-to-mouth on the streets with her musician father, and helps them both with extra food from the bakery. Aimee lets Noelle in on her secret, and helps to teach Noelle how to paint her own canvases.

But when Jean unwittingly witnesses just what Aimee can do with the colors on her palette, soon everyone wants to know. It's fantastic; it's like an altered state, or a dream. Whatever it is, Aimee's paintings are intoxicating, and soon she is thrust into the limelight.

"Absinthe" is the opening of Act II as Aimee, now the current "it" artist, is suddenly mingling with the in-crowd in Montmartre, and taken to the famous cabaret, Le Chat Noir.

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