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La Loakaii @ ShutdownRadio | SDR 213

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I love style changing and/or putting some “different” musical aesthetics into my mixes. To create some surprising moments in the spectrum of - let’s call it “bass music” - and to enrich it with additional flavours of my choice.

In this case, I take a french trappy-gangsta song from Kalash Criminel and inject some less “tensed” club flavour in it with a track from Biome, which runs double its speed. Both tunes have got light & short snares and suit themselves well for this idea.

It goes like that: I progressively inject the main part of the Biome track into the Kalash one: 1st the mids (the voice sample) and then the highs, everything decently and when the Kalash pause strikes in, I echo his last words and simultaneously replay both intros intro to create a new common pause and tip over the balance between the 2 tracks.

The tip over succeeds in replaying the 2nd part of the intro of the trap tune in the middle of the recreated pause and use its riser to lead to a double drop with a jump to the EQed trap chorus when the Biome tune kicks in and repeat it by hand with the Akai MPD 24 Pad-Controller - of course with some echo, flanger & fill-in flourishes until a voice echo + highpassed rewind at the very end of the transition when the 2nd Biome pause shows up.

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