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La Loakaii @ ShutdownRadio | SDR 111

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I love style changing and/or putting some “different” musical aesthetics into my mixes. To create some surprising moments in the spectrum of - let’s call it “bass music” - and to enrich it with additional flavours of my choice.

In this case, I take a french rap song from a brilliant artist called Prince Wally and underlay it with a dubstep tune from Gaze Ill which sound "the classic way" (DMZ style but cleaner) with a catchy electric piano hint.

It goes like that: I first inject the electric piano of the Gaze Ill track into the Prince Wally's one and underlay it as a new feature. Then I give it smoothely and progressively more presence with gains and EQs till I tipp the balance to the dubstep tune and keep Prince Wally's vocals as a guest MC. The crucial moment succeds in repeating an a capella moment of Prince Wally twice to simulate a synchronized drop with the newly focussed power from Gaze Ill.

It's no science but it simply sounds nice and smooth. Isolating the mids of a coming tune, tipp over the weight in the structure and going on with the isolated mids of the previous tune is a technic I love. It works with vocals or with instruments as long as the orchestration of both tunes have got some common aethetic points. And in this case... It's the case!

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