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FSN: Unlimited Blade Works Abridged Ep 2

Free download FSN: Unlimited Blade Works 
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This is the free video FSN: Unlimited Blade Works Abridged Ep 2 that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video FSN: Unlimited Blade Works Abridged Ep 2.

Discliamer: This is Non-profit fan based parody Fate/Stay Night Unlimited blade works are owned by Kinoko Nasu Ufotable, Typemoon, Aniplex.
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Saber - LovelyGirl
Rin Tohsaka - ThatOneMothVA
Archer - Christan V
Shriou Emiya - Dark
Kirei Kotomine aka Big Daddy K - Simpkins
Leysitt - Lily
Stella - Shiyu
Illya Von Einzbern - Satsumi
Berserker - Demonblade

Music :
Naruto - Fooling Mode
Bleach OST - Comical Work
Jujutsu Kaisen OST - Impatience
Jujutsu Kaisen OST- Looming Threat
The Lazy Detective Agency - Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha OST :
DMX - X gon give it to you!

Speical Thanks for SFX
ImNoExpert :
Sartorial :
Technco Maina

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