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Freeman (MDX, London premier)

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music/conducted by Parthhesh Menon

Freeman, a composition for choir and piano, celebrates the spirit of London. The text by English poet Sarah Wardle beautifully captures the minutest of details—from marking every little sight in a commoner's day out to appreciating the wide range of cultures and languages that the city accommodates.

Be glad for the city’s spirit,
the pulse that moves the crowd forward,
for lives that cross and pass and meet again,
for every face, her smile, his frown, his singing on the train,
for synagogue and temple, Arab and African,
hospital, school, gallery, museum,
for bars and shops, bus stops, that ambulance,
for work and plans, and what comes by chance
in the hip hop chaos, the quantum dance,
for the knowledge, when we die, London goes on living
beyond rush hour, streetlights, sirens, clubs closing,
to birdsong, road sweepers and planes, the Tube moving
to the end of each line to return once more,
for the coming and going, for the key, the door.
-Sarah Wardle

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