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Group members: Ronan Lobo, Dylan Filby, Natalie Tran

Logline: ‘Delirium’ - the state of mind. A state of constant where reality slips. Journey to unlock perpetuity’s end, the end of a supposed circular chronicle.

Synopsis: Time. Repetition. Delirium. Humans are perpetually trapped in the never-ending cycle of life, with their purpose being difficult to grasp when surrounded by the mundanity of the fragile condition of humanity. This ambivalent, immersive experience surrounding this dilemma gives viewers the agency to answer the call of Delirium.

The protagonist is the lens through which audiences are drawn to view this interactive experience, with the paths and consequences being determined by the choices the player decides upon within this familiar, residential environment. Through muted colours and atmospheric, ambient music, Delirium subverts the typical conventions of narrative structures with the strong emphasis on branching paths and open-ended puzzles that tells a visually engaging story.

Whether it leads to insanity or closure, this key is the reason for the ominous, yet real loop that drives the protagonist, as well as the player, through this tightly focused enigma. What is the true key to this infinite reality?

As audiences are given the agency to control this pseudo narrative, they are encouraged to develop their own theories about the story as ambiguous elements are presented in the experience.

Considering the current climate, we have made the installation available on any mobile or smart device. This has taken the form of it being hosted on a website where audiences can experience Delirium from the comfort of their own homes. This may even help with physical immersion, as the narrative of Delirium takes place in the protagonist’s own home.

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