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Candy Crash

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Coming from a guy who does visual effect for a living, I had to break something at least once. I'm trying to make it easy for me to save time.

Breaking objects is fun. On the menu: Breaking pieces into the ground, seeing the impact and feeling the force pushing them away from the frame.

I like to watch things get destroyed when I go to the cinema, it's even cooler when it's in slow motion.

I like objects that pop on the screen in movies, like arrows or fire or crazy monsters. I try to dodge it during the movie, I cannot do anything about it. So, having objects coming out of the screen is also fun, you do not know where they come from, it looks like rain. The object scale, strength applied to it and the movement make it possible to feel the intention/emotion behind it.

So, I thought to make multicolored candies collapse on the ground.

It's hard not to over-complicate things, I still think it's not enough but now I just want to keep going on another idea.

When I really believe that the picture is cool, I allowed myself to upload something. I do not need to wait until the picture is perfect, perfection is an illusion like loops. I just want to be so close to the original idea. I prefer to read the comments and work from them to know what to adjust and take the right direction.

I like making loops and trying to find another way to create a loop. It must not be complicated; life is already complicated enough; I do not want to adding more.

I would have liked to have the time to create a connection between the sound and the image, but I would need more time. I will go step by step and see how it goes. The song can add more immersion and impact to the scene and connects with the rest. The sound must be in phase with the movement to be assimilated, the brain will do the rest.

Let me know what you want to see next? More things broken?

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