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Tummy Tuck Myth: Youll Definitely Have Drains

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You'll be relieved to find out the truth behind this common tummy tuck myth!

In this educational (AND fun!) Amelia Academy video, Jenny and Gretta spill the beans on if you will have to use surgical drains during your tummy tuck recovery.

Ready to start learning? Let's go! ��

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When researching about a tummy tuck you may have seen some stuff out there about drains. Those
things that are hanging out of your stomach which are super cute, not really.
But it's really not true that a tummy tuck you're
always gonna have a drain especially here.
Yeah. We only do modern tummy tucks here,
which mean they're drainless. Now here or there very occasionally
your surgeon might advise you that you might have a drain
for a temporary short span of time.
But 99% of the tummy tucks we do are drainless
which is so cool. We do a different technique and we've been doing it for over eight years.
and again, you don't have to go home with those drainage tubes out of your body
which you have to maintain, you have to hide, you have to keep clean,
you can't shower. There are a lot of things with drains that add to your risk of infection
and risk of additional scarring that you don't have to deal
with when you have a modern tummy tuck which is cool.
And one of the things I thought was super gross
is when you have a drain in you can't shower the entire time
you have a drain in which can last up to
14 days, but here
when you don't have a drain you can shower on day two which I've heard is really life-giving.
And you were able to take a shower too. Yeah,
I was gonna say you heard it was life-giving
because I was the one like counting down the moments
until I could take my shower on day two after my tummy tuck and that's because we didn't use drains.

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