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Nesting for Recovery: Why You Should Do It!

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Setting up your recovery area with all the little things ahead of time will make future-you sooo grateful.

In this educational (AND fun!) Amelia Academy video, Jenny and Renee spill the beans on why nesting before your surgery is a definite must-do for a great recovery!

Ready for the deets? Let's go!

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This is probably one of my favorite preparing tips
for surgery and it is kind of like creating your nest
or your little space for when you come home from surgery,
everything is there and ready.
We all have things that are our favorite things
I guess is the way I think of it.
So when you're walking in I want you to walk in and know
that your space is going to be like,
I'm ready just for a little rest here now.
I want you to get home get comfortable and to do comfort.
We think there are just some things that we need to remember.
Mhmm, like having a lot of pillows.
Maybe you want to prop up
when recovering or put a pillow under your knees like having lots of pillows
handy and available made my recovery super super easy.
Well I wasn’t easy, made it super super comfortable.
I think pillows and your favorite blanket.
I want the favorite if its the texture, if it's the color, if its the print I don't care
but I want that because you may get hot or cold you never know
but I want to be able to just have that to feel
and to comfy up with. I do think the one thing that's really important about
for you preparing is to know about your space.
Where is it you're going to want to go? And depending on your surgery
sometimes people don't want to go upstairs to the bed,
maybe that's not the most comfortable
but I would have that nest fixed just like the birds ya know just kind of or the puppy dogs.
I was thinking a bird too. Yeah, they fix it.
And that's what I think would be a great advantage
for them to remember. Maybe like having some waters already set up on your
nightstand some snacks in the bed that you could just reach for
you don't have to get up for. Your medications handy
maybe with like the lids taken off already things just super
accessible in your surrounding area just
so you're more comfortable.
Those snacks can be healthy. I know that everyone's like snacks?
Well, we all have our favorite. Like hot cheetos?
Yeah, just cheetos
You can pick but having it closer instead of yelling,
you know, just waking up maybe some mints.
Maybe you’re a mint, you know, I'm a chocolate fan.
Yes you are. So just a little would be very important for me because it would just make me feel better.
And I think lotion some people sometimes think about
but I don't think you're going to be putting on much lotion at the time.
So certainly you're going to have garments and things on but you know
depending on you know what your preference is. Is it the scents?
Is it the smells? Like a candle. Is it a candle?
Yeah whatever makes you just know that you can snuggle down and have that great nap.
And when you wake up you’re like ahh, just makes you feel good. I like that, it’s making me sleepy right now thinking about it.
Yeah so creating your nest make your space super comfortable.
So when you get home from surgery you are good to go.

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