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MIG-25 Legacy: High Flight

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A "HIGH FLIGHT" with the MIG-25.

Robert, an independent engineer from Vienna, approached us at the beginning of 2005 with the desire to do something extraordinary. It soon became apparent that he was most interested in an "Edge of Space Flight" with the MIG-25.

When we started planning the mission, it seemed that Robert's dream would not come true, because his family doctor did not certify him as fit to fly. The world seemed to collapse for him. So we contacted the University Clinic in Vienna, and a very experienced ENT professor confirmed that what Robert suffered from time to time, had no physiological causes and so he gave Robert the flying license.

In April 2005 we went with Robert to Russia to the Gromov Flight Research Institute at Zuchosky Airbase, so that he could start his "High Flight" into the stratosphere. His test pilot Leonid Lobas took him to an altitude of just over 25,000 meters, and Robert then described his flight as the entire psychological event for him, his very personal "Overview Effect".

We will remember that he sat apparently motionless in the cockpit for several minutes when he returned to the airbase. He first had to realize what he had experienced!

This film here shows some footage that had not been seen before and describes Robert's way to the highest flight levels. It was his personal "High Flight".

This film is also dedicated to the pilot John Gillespie Magee (1922 - 1941), who with his sound poem "High Flight" created something that described his impressions as a high-flying fighter pilot with a Spitfire. "High Flight" is still a must-read for many pilots and astronauts today.

"High Flight" is read in this film by Winston Farp. But to hear it, you should watch the whole movie and then let it work on you!

So: Always flying high.

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