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URTH 4050 - 2

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This work, entitled, Urth 4050, is a video animation piece that aims to imagine how our planet, earth, may shift in the next thousand or more years in the future. The narrative of this video art work is derived from a character who is functioning as a tour guide for time travelers visiting the planet in the year 4050. This narrative primarily serves as a poetic description of the possibilities of a more posthuman era, where humans are entangled even more directly and physically with technology, and technology with nature. It describes the evolution of the human into a new species or form, called the beauman which is essentially a cyborg. Human and nonhuman biology also morph within this narrative along with the environment itself and therefore alters notions of gender, sexuality, behavior, societal hierarchies, and biological processes such as reproduction. Thus, I am attempting to imagine and explore the potentiality of a more nonbinary and queer, interconnected world that aims to explore the role of digital media in humanity/posthumanity as we head into the future.

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