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The Forest Feast - ACT 2

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The project critiques the current abandonment and lack of cultural interventions in Dolomitic forests.

It sees forests as a result of anthropic influences and highlights their productive potential, where men, nature and technology can cohabit.

Vaia windstorm acts as a trigger resurfacing issues of uncontrolled forestation and neglect in the last century in Italy.

The project acts on three scales: territorial, convivial and architectural, situated at the Ex- Eni Village, in the Dolomites (Cadore region, Veneto, Italy), designed by architect Edoardo Gellner in the 50s for Eni oil corporation, as a holiday residence for its employees. Since 2014, Progettoborca is a platform that works on permanently re-establishing the Ex-Eni village’s cultural value through its regeneration, by activating artists residencies, and research projects.

At first questioning: how can culture mediate in the post- disaster forested landscape? How can food become a tool for the forest’s transformation?

Starting from Vaia and continuing with my on-site research through the banquet’s participatory experience, the work then projects itself, at an architectural scale, into a digital fictional future narrative of a festival symposium, a design tool to imagine hypothetical scenarios and rituals on site.

Five scenarios are designed wondering: How can a digital narrative explore the future forest production in the Dolomites?

So, from the point of view of an architect returning to site in 2051, the narrative dramatizes ways in which to see the forest as an experimentation and production space where men, nature, technology and architecture attempt to coexist.

Director, editing, digital animation, screenwriting: Annalaura Fornasier
Narration: Loredana Pasquot
Sound design: Tommaso Mosole

Excerpt from The forest Feast - Act 1
Guest, set design: Angelica Furlotti
Guest: Elena Maierotti
Guest: Osvaldo Palalo
Guest: Gianluca D’Incà Levis
Chef: Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun
Assistant and set design: Camilla Glorioso
Sound design and editing : Tommaso Mosole, Edoardo Ferro
Drone and Camera: Alessandro Lana
Photography, Camera, set design: Luca Anzalone

Location: Progettoborca, Borca di Cadore, Veneto, Italy
Footage from:
1858, 2020, 5:56” - Formafantasma, Cambio - 2020 (Available on Vimeo)

With thanks to:
ADS6: Body of Making, Clara Kraft Isono, Satoshi Isono, Guan Lee, Grymsdyke Farm, Dubravka Sekulic, Royal College of Art

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