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In the endless reaches of cyberspace, there once existed a planet known as “Crypto”. A planet that glowed with an ever-changing sequence of code. There, civilization was far advanced, giving way to a group of cypherpunk scientists with an idea that could change the cyber-verse forever..

The cypherpunks developed decentralized technologies to the absolute peak of cryptographic perfection.. on the verge of a breakthrough to free all cyber citizens from the clutches of the Ruling Hand and its evil henchmen - the Piggy Bankers and Middle Men monitoring & profiting off every cyber transaction. But, there came a day when the Ruling Hand threatened to destroy planet Crypto forever, in its never-ending conquest for total cyber domination. The cypherpunks, sensing the approach of doom, gathered for a final feast, to craft a plan to ensure the survival of their greatest invention, the culmination of centuries of cryptographic progress. By unanimous consensus, they concluded to send their newest member, the young Satoshi Nakamoto to bring this technology to planet earth. Satoshi’s Father (Man Fox) & mother (Love Hash) placed the young Satoshi in a space pod, stepped back and watched as it launched in the direction of earth just before planet crypto exploded. Satoshi’s pod flew through meme-studded cyberspace, passing the dankest of memes at incredible speed, landing safely on earth with the cyber-verse’s only hope for freedom from the Ruling Hand’s reign of terror. Satoshi was first adopted by earth’s very own cypherpunks, a small community of freedom-loving cryptographers. As the years went by, Satoshi grew to maturity and found himself possessed of amazing cryptographic powers. Faster than a run on the banks! More anonymous…than "Anonymous!" Destroyer of middle men and protector of cyber freedom! Look up in the sky! It’s a rocket! It’s a UFO! No, it’s Super Satoshi!

Directed, written, designed, and illustrated Lucho Poletti.
Animation, video, and sound by Lucho Poletti and Luis Carlos Rojas.
Voice Narration by Justin Smallbridge.

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