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Creators and Performers: Angelica DeLashmette Hurst, Juliet Remmers and Mariko Ishikawa
THAW|PHASE is a 15-minute presentation of research in performance created by three MFA in Dance graduate students at The University of Iowa. This performance work was originally created and developed as part of a dance and social justice and activism module for a graduate level theoretical course and was performed and presented in the lobby of the Art Building West on campus in December of 2019.

This performance piece is targeted at environmental activism and bringing consciousness to a current major environmental issue situated around the primary issues on our planet that impact and are impacted by water which include climate change, environmental degradation via pollution, and resource depletion. The work aims to convey awareness and urgency of the state of our Earth in an immersive experience for viewers that invites audience members to be a part of the installation of the performance space. Viewers experience multiple layers that provide an opportunity for them to make choices, connections, and find personal meaning throughout. Throughout the 15-minute performance, audience members are immersed in the aural dimension of sound, language, provocative images, physical and visceral response and sensation, movement, and an opportunity to experience kinesthetic empathy. The work aims to create and facilitate participating bodies in space, the use of digital technology, and offer viewers with specific “calls to action” to positively contribute to change. Through movement and sensory information, the work aims to activate viewers in wanting to be a part of the solution.

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