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Siva Mai (vocal version)

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“Siva Mai” is a lively, energetic song from Samoa that could be used as a warm-up to a physical activity session. Its dance rhythms are suitable for free, improvised, and individual dancing Sāmoan style. Children could invent their own actions to match the words of the song. The words are easy to learn and give students the opportunity to learn some Sāmoan counting numbers and action words.

Ooooh, come on, dance and sing.
It’s a happy dance.
Ooooh, come on, sing and dance.
Up and down with a smile
Move your body and your feet
One, two, three, four
Sway your legs and arms
Five, six, seven, eight
Run and move your feet like me.

Siva is the Sāmoan word for dance, but it also refers to a particular type of dance in which the performer usually stands and enacts an everyday activity. In Sāmoan dance, performers usually wear lāvalava, but in some cases, the women wear ietōga made from pandanus matting, and the men wear necklaces or anklets made from leaves. The clothing may be decorated with feathers or freshly cut flowers and lei.

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