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Severing Tide

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Severing Tide is a site-specific performance exploring the connection between the human body and water.

Questioning the rigid rationale imposed by humans over ever changing emotions- the opposite behaviour of water which naturally adapts and contributes to the continuous changes-
Severing Tide challenges psychophysical limits through endurance.

Severing Tide was performed on the summer solstice (21st June 2018) in a water stream in the Taleggio Valley (Italian Alps).

During the performance the artist walked back and forth a line breaking the stream horizontally for over an hour, starting when the first light of dawn came out.

This stream collects water melting from the mountain glaciers, meaning the water temperature in that stretch of the stream is around less than 8 Celsius degrees. A body submerged on such a low temperature is exposed to the risk of hypothermia or even death. The artist consulted a doctor prior the performance.

In order to reach the site, the audience engaged in a 1hour hike during the night (leaving for the site at 3am) and overlooked the action from a bridge, informing them of the arrival at the site by being lit by candles.
Each audience member received a specific message on a paper asking not to ever share its content with anyone.

Duration: 1 hour circa

Performed at Ponte del Caman, Val Taleggio (Italy)
Nature, Art, Habitat Residency on water (NAHR)
June 2018

©video Tiffany Henschel

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