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Headroom Explained for Trading

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While trading, headroom is a technique that allows traders to identify a retracement in the market. Watch the video for an in-depth view of headroom. Click the subscribe button to keep up with our weekly videos!

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We have consulted with Dr Clifford Vance Cast, Delta Trading Group, SP500 E-mini Trading Group, and the micro E-mini Trading Group in the marketing of this officially sanctioned video on Futures Trading.

The word Headroom is often referred to for audio and video purposes; but what
does it mean whenever you have Headroom for a trade? Today's video is a small clip from our
Academy that explains “Headroom”. The Headroom is the difference between your entry
price and the precedent that has recently been set with the price. So if
the price had been up four points in just recent action from where your entry
point of the trade is then it said that you have four points ahead room this is
the pocket where your money is made. When you're looking at Headroom and where the
stops land and things like that is really defined by how nice of a
retracement or how nice of a pullback you had. So your Headroom and your stops
are often determined by the amount of retracement that you had before the
trade continues back in the other direction. So really study your
retracements. Study them very well; so look at the Headroom in relationship to
that retracement and then the turn around. Continuance it's very important,
like I said, you can't get a feel for it from a book or even from this video. You
just have to get on your practice ladder and just practice trade and simulate and
simulate and simulate until you get a real solid feel for those reversals and
how much Headroom you had. But don't just look at the Headroom. Really, again I
can't stress it enough combine it with the strength of that retracement and
then the little reversal and continuance back in the direction of long-term trend.
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