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Nikolina Komljenović (HR), Božidar umi (SLO), Bruno Poch

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“The performance of Nikoline Komljenović, Božidar Šumi and Bruno Pocheron by considering the relationship between the object and the subject, places such relevant issues in the context of performing arts and reaches the unmistakable enigma of human existence so far.”
Ivana Slunjski,

VOIC ING is part of a larger project named An Object is Transferring Into the Subject that began in 2013 and deals with process, body, interspace and self-creation. The first performance of a series of works is related to the spine and its subjectivity to the concrete objective body. Voic Ing, which is the second performance of the same series, deals with the voice of the body in real and metaphorical meaning trough subjective viewpoint of the spectator and objective body in the space.

The autopoiesis of the interspace of action plays with the preceding the body and the movement before the mind and the though. Božidar, Nikolina and Bruno, not only producing themselves, they are produced in terms of viewing, voicing, initiating movement and sharing positions. The order of events is completely independent of their order in space and time. It is spreading through the choreographic material like a fractal. The game is a spiral of improvisations that are collected in a collage of embodied postcards. Expressions are nothing but purity of energy potential and thus multiplicity of content, desires, and perceptions. It is a choreographic practice of dramaturgy and choreographic momentum, which as its starting point uses 7 terms: GAZE, VOICE, MOVEMENT, SPACE, LIGHT, RELATION and TIME.

Idea: Nikolina Komljenović
Game and Performance: Nikolina Komljenović and Božidar Šumi
Design of light and performance: Bruno Pocheron
Graphic design and photography: Tomislav Turković
Production: Experimental free scene (ekscena)
Support: POUZ Zagreb and Tala Dance Center
Finance: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
Video editor: Nika

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