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MED 110: Always Pay in Full 360 video

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A small farming village in the middle of the Mourne Mountains called “Hilltown” has recently been taken over by a gang called “The I block” threatening to burn down the farms of anyone who doesn’t comply with their rules. With the Village being so remote in the mountains there isn’t much law about to protect its people. Everyone must pay the gang weekly to keep their lands safe. Always Pay in Full follows the story of one local farmer who is sick and tired of having to pay the I Block just to use his own lands. Lands which have been in his family for years. Week after week forking out money to these horrible people, he’s finally had enough. He decides its time he gets his own back on the I Block. The farmer devises a plan, one to mess with the gang and show them that not everyone fears them. He knows its not a good idea and is a potentially dangerous action, but something has to be done about the I Block and he thinks he has the perfect way to show them they don’t quite have the power over the people that they think they do.

Always Pay in Full was shot in the Mourne Mountains of Northern Ireland. I have tried to use the landscape of the mountains to my advantage using the beautiful viewpoints and quiet country roads as ideal locations for filming money trades and car scenes. Living in the mountains meant I had a very suitable home for the farmer to live in.

Many Thanks to Oisin Mc Cann, Padraig Fitzpatrick, Finnnen Mc Cann and Sean Fitzpatrick for there top quality acting throughout.

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