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The biggest mass challenge that humanity is facing nowadays is climate change.
There is an urgent need to act, yet most people feel lost and unempowered when it comes to knowing what, if anything, can be done. Myimpact is an app that teaches you how to become eco-sustainable with little or no effort!
Myimpact empowers individuals by providing information, coaching and creating a community in order to help them reduce their carbon footprint.
First of all, users can find eco-friendly shops, restaurants, repair services and other sustainable businesses in the area and be acknowledged for their spending choices via Myimpact. These businesses are often local and small, we give them visibility and the opportunity to run their fidelity program through our platform for a small fee.
More in details: users collect fidelity points by scanning a barcode provided by the app itself. This allows us to quantify the virtuousness of the spending choices made by the user, in terms of saved C02 or saved waste. The positive impact of the single user and the whole community is visualized instantaneously, so to reinforce the eco-friendly behavior until it becomes a new good habit.

Secondly, users can select eco-challenges and be
rewarded for 1) taking on personal challenges, 2) challenging friends, and, 3) launching new challenges in their communities: if a challenge is popular, it will have a massive global impact!
This way, we aim to bring together aspect of social networks and gaming to drive habit formation (even more!). In his profile the user visualises his own impact and the relation with his peers and the whole community, thanks to summary pages, statistics, leaderboard, badges of accomplished challenges, etc… With the final introduction of a feed page, we add a social dimension to helps users and cities to reach out and drive the change by making the link between individual and collective action explicit.

The growth of the app will be staged; starting with existing support from “campus durable” we will target the EPFL and UNIL communities and grow outwards to communes, cities and countries. We expect growth to be organic due to the facts that it is the users that propose new challenges and bring friends along with them.
Facing the challenge of environmental sustainability ranks up in the top ten Millennium Development Goals and will inevitably become more and more a part of our everyday lives. With Myimpact, we propose a solution accessible to everybody.

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