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iAnimate WS3 Albert - SJJWalsh

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The criteria was to create an 'Action Edit' with found or personal shot footage to carve out a story in the 3 or 4 shots. Similar to the previous sketch, I wanted to use this workshop as a chance to test ideas out but also to try to tell stories.

iAnimate offers an amazing library of rigs and one in particular, caught my eye and he became the hero and title of the short.

The overriding theme in 'Albert' is that he's a bumbling hero and almost falls to his death. It’s a little homage to Indiana Jones and the film series is probably the catalyst for journey into film and film making.

When producing Albert I wanted to keep things simple. I didn't want to create complicated sets with large amounts of props and details. I opted to block out the environment and then start lighting straight away, I didn't use any textures - just Arnold shaders and those were super basic. Focus on the story was the goal.

The idea was to use light and shadow to focus the eye on Albert and he travels through the mineshaft. I used only directional, point and spotlights to illuminate the scenes and heavy atmos to hide as much as possible.

I learned from 'Boxer' was that cloth fx really helps the animation so I challenged myself to use Houdini on this and more importantly 'Vellum'. Houdini and Maya are very different but I figured my nCloth knowledge would help me to get even a simplistic setup working.

t, something which I obsessed about when laying out the look and structure of the scenes. It was very easy to create a master and then import it into other shots, update cache paths and start simulating.

I opted to stay in SOPs and keep everything simple, Houdini is complex and I didn’t want to over complicate anything. Houdini has a visual elegance about especially the node design. I could mock up a layout in the master shot even create a little pipeline and version into other shots by just replacing certain paths. Even a little jacket flap or drag will sell the idea and give some much needed texture to the shots.

The end result is something that pushed me to learn something new, be creative and efficient with my time and just like 'Boxer' was a whole lot of fun !

The Raiders March - John Williams

Maya, Houdini (Vellum), Gimp, Nuke, Nuke Studio, DigiCel Flipbook & Arnold.

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