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MAKING MARGARITA is a documentary featuring the American-born, former First Lady of Greece, Margarita Papandreou—a dynamic activist determined to fight for a world free from prejudice and war. Snapshots of Greece’s history are captured through interviews of progressive thinkers, politicos, as well as the Everywoman in the street. At 97 years old, Margarita remains a controversial and beloved.

A Midwestern child of the Depression growing up in a Roosevelt America that was largely dominated by its democratic ideas and ideals, Margaret Chant soon married into one of Greece’s greatest political dynasties. She was motivated by the belief in justice and driven by the ambition to effect change. Margarita (a Greek name her Father-in-Law bestowed upon her) used her platform as First-Lady (an American title she bestowed upon herself) to influence global leaders and rally people to engage in dialogue about human rights and peace. Most notably, she changed how women were viewed and treated. She believed “whatever concerns women is political,” and encouraged women to take action in all aspects of their lives. As she pressed for such initiatives as abolishing the dowry, women farmers' pensions, changes to Family Law, and the legalization of abortion, she faced harsh criticism from her husband’s party and Greece’s patriarchal society, fueling the press to manipulate public judgment of her intentions, goals, and personality. Nevertheless, with her persistence, and a keen ability to organize and inspire others, Margarita demonstrates how one person can instigate significant change, and the ripple induced can surprise the future.

MAKING MARGARITA brings to mind fifty years of Greece’s history from an unlikely political figure whose accomplishments are unknown, whose impact has been ignored, and whose being is still misunderstood.

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