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June 30, 2021.mp4

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June 30, 2021

:00 Everyone’s on vacation
~ It’s suppressing results

:06 Done for you content/videos
~ Seems like its creating content is tough until people make it a habit
~ Create a video, doing an endorsement
~ Kenny Klaus, interviewed people and promoted these small businesses
~ Share content whenever possible with a video, mix with calls to action

:14 Social Simple DFY
~ We do the video editing, but content should come from you guys
~ They are doing all the posting, chat sequence, audience building
~ Promoting listing for agents, easiest way to get leads in 2 ways
~ 1. Offer to promote listing for realtors and run it on their page, you get the leads
~ 2. Onboarding the realtors account, so both can see the leads, you’re not paying for it but
healing to work all the leads (Bill prefers this way)

:22 What do people want?
~ They want to know to buy with no money down
~ How to get your offer accepted
~ Get an agent that has lots of listings, do a coming soon, you want to be notified about listings
Before they are on the market, then find out if they are pre-qualified
~ Search Zillow, look at foreclosures
~ Coming soon campaigns do well

:30 Ask for the business
~ You don’t get what you don’t ask for
~ Say, Get a list of foreclosures, click here
~ X ways to buy a home with less than 5% down, start with 3, 5, if you have too, even if you
don’t have any other videos, make what you can
~ You don’t have to have 10 ways…, I did it so people would create videos, create content, it was my cheat, LOL
~Then I can test and find the one that works
I still want to see a checklist, everyone wants a check list

:41 Fear, curiosity, pattern interrupt
~ Put out stuff people want to see
~ Brian is doing stories; they seem to be working
~ Taking what you see resonate and run with it

:53 Signature line
~ What’s your appropriate signature
~ I want to see your signature line down at the bottom
~ Something on there to remind them

:56 Content Curation
~ Cool tools for home buyers
~ Links to foreclosures, apps every homebuyer should be using
~ Check cell phone reception of any property
~ How to find about the neighbors
~ Share an article, a website, news story
~ Can share content that other people own and make it your own

1:02 Contests are good
~ Let’s scroll through Facebook together
~ What can you do with this content

1:04 Lead Gen
~ Messenger and Lead Gen, do both
~ I make them fill out a bunch of questions
~ Once they reply they will reply, you have 24 hours to reply
~ Experiment with messages to see
~ Don’t try to automate chat yet, start with saved replies
~ use gifs and emojis

~ WhatsApp
~ Tiktok, good financial content, go check it out!
~ Kyle Draper, good content

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