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Grtz re:mix - sneak peek

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Fashion photography - fashion film

Görtz - re:mix
A mashup of an older fashion campaign.

Why should any ambitious brand trust me with their visual communication? What makes me different than any other photographer or filmmaker out there? What is it that sets me apart? What are the unique values that I offer my partners and clients?

It’s well established now that photography has become a commodity. Like pasta or soft drinks, it's everywhere. Image makers offer their images and services for almost nothing and often for free. In exchange for “exposure” or “it will be good for your career.”

Rates are falling. Many photographers feel that they have to take part in this “race to the bottom”. I do not think you have to.

Instead, as a creative, you have to take a long hard look at yourself. Find out what makes your offer unique. What is the change or transformation you offer your client?

I have come to realize that one of my core strengths is that can get almost any project off the ground. I have the ability to turn almost any ideas into reality. I get things done!

What is the change, or transformation that I will make happen? I help brands transform and move up to a new level.

I’ll help you look #coolsexychic

It’s in this light I’m showing you my latest project. A remix of an older advertising campaign for German fashion brand Görtz.

Why would I want to take older material and re-use it? Shouldn't the challenge always ahead of you? Eyes fixed on the future?

One of the main reasons is that is it is exactly 10 years ago since I shot these images. To me it seems a good reason as any to revisit and re-work them. Reason number 2 is that I took a look at them and I realized that they are suitable to rework with some motion design. There are plenty of cut-outs and sharp edges which makes it easy to separate them in layers in After Effects. And finally, recent number 3 is that I actually like these images very much. them some of my best work ever and I thought it would be fun to see if I could make something new out of them.

There is also something called “the low hanging fruit”. Pick a project, that requires minimal effort but gives you a huge return. More bang for your "effort buck".

These images already had their 15 minutes of fame, why not try to refresh them and make them move?

Still, photography is not dead. Yet, I'm a firm believer that, today, you need to offer your clients video, moving image, and motion design.

My starting point was the Adidas Gazelle remix campaign with Kate Moss. Directed by Maxime Bruneel with artwork by @bessNYC4. The result was a visceral art film. A hybrid of unexpected live action and bewildering animation. I loved it!

Adobe Creative Cloud made me do it!
Taking the leap, paying for the full subscription to Creative Cloud changed everything. It made me grow bigger and bolder. All a sudden I had access to tools that I never dreamed about having before.

I started to experiment with After Effects, Illustrator and Premiere. I learned things from YouTube tutorials and applied them to my own projects. Nowadays I can say yes to things I didn't dare to even think about earlier. When asked to describe what I do I’m very comfortable adding filmmaker at the end of my résumé.

I have become an one-man agency now (sort of) and I offer my partners the capabilities of a full-fledged agency (sort of).

Earlier I mentioned the “race to the bottom”... My take on this is to refuse to take part in this in the first place. You can do that by level up your game and offer your partners more than “just” photography.

Here a real-world example. I now charge clients a fee for my time developing ideas and concepts for them. I did that for free earlier, giving away lots of effort and time.

One way of upping your game is to raise your prices. This is, of course, scary because your first reaction is “my clients are not gonna like this” and it's true. Some of your clients will not like that you raise your prices. They will get replaced with new clients who appreciate your talent. These new clients are happy to pay the new prices since you also offer new high-end services.

Of course, you cannot raise your prices and offer the same old tired services. You need to offer new products or services which has a higher value. (Or at least higher perceived value.)

One such new value, or high-end service, could be excellent customer service. Why not make this a goal? Create such a positive user experience, that your clients will come back. Over and over again

My Collaborators

In 2009, Creative Director Mieke Haase at creative agency approached me. She asked me if I wanted to help out with some images for their fashion client Görtz.

Marcel & Daria

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