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Galen Hooks: Hue | Scholarship Submission

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My Name Is Emma Anne Wedemeyer and I am a 2020 graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in Dance.

I am about to be rushed “into the real world” in less than a month and I am absolutely terrified.

With losing my job due to Covid, family health, and the days ticking by. It has been difficult to maintain positivity and at times keep track of my goals – not to mention entering into the industry and (more than ever) have no idea what to expect.

I can summarize my emotions with my take of “Hue” as- The external show versus the internal struggle. I have been dealing with this juxtaposition for years. I have dealt with high anxiety and depression the past three years but the echoing studio phrase “Fake it till you make it” keeps me going.
But let’s be real…when you are self-quarantining It’s hard to “leave it outside the room” when you never leave your door in the first place.

Galen I have been an admirer for years. Throughout college it has been hard to find what “style” works for me. I have been told by professors in my past modern and composition classes that I “act too much with my face” and I need to learn how to channel that energy into my body. For so long I have separated my passions for acting and dance – that is until I witnessed river for the first time. I had never seen the blend of my two loves before. I have been chasing that ever since. I hope to cross paths one day.

I have found during quarantine that my mind isn’t calm enough for a quiet focus to reflect in the way I want to, and, in result, I have been trying to keep busy on smaller tasks and have loved taking your digital class offerings

Although it doesn’t compare to the studio - Home is such a safe space for trial and error, so I’m just trying to learn new skills, take new classes, and TRY to imagine what the industry will look after this. But To be honest In the past few weeks I’ve switched my focus from taking zoom classes to attending zoom meetings with dancers who are organizing for action. I have been creating space for equity and inclusion by organizing with other alumni of my university, demanding change from my past professors and I myself have committed to anti-racist work.

As artists, we sort of prepare for these moments: rallying together, creating and sharing, uplifting, and informing. I understand that when times change, the space changes, the stage changes—but there is still that wanting to share and create. And I appreciate all that you are doing and providing classes and opportunity’s like these during this time.

I am planning on moving to Atlanta for a year starting this august with small funds
(and then perhaps to a larger city LA/NYC after??)
I am unsure what the industry will be like in a post-Covid world…. but I am confident that it will be better that the way we left it. For everyone.

learning your choreography has been a dream and has been the way I have been coping. This is the way I know.

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