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Dancing Digitally - Nicole Dagesse

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Flesh, Flesh, Flesh!


Moving out of flesh, moving into flesh.

1. Begin in your body. Root through your legs and take a deep breath. Rub your hands together vigorously. Notice the sensations. Feel the building heat, witness the sensations through the muscles and skin. Rub your hands over your arms and chest, feeling the different textures and densities. Move to the face, scratch your scalp, pull the skin at the back of your neck. Then play with your jiggles, where can you jiggle, how ferociously can you jiggle? What are the wave motions of the body? If you are with a partner, use two hands on an arm or leg and roll quickly back and forth across the flesh.

2. Once you feel the warmth of your flesh and the resilience and rebound of your flesh, identify a start and end within your space (I use two trees). Moving in a loosely linear path, try to leave your flesh behind. Move out of your flesh, like a snake moving out of it's skin. When you reach the end point, try to retrograde and put your flesh back on your body. Gather the flesh and return to your fullness.

3. Use the same idea, but this time, feel free to use repetition and small moments of forward/back and escape/reclaim as you move across your space.

4. Notice your body now. How do you feel? Where are you curious after this movement? Where are you present in your body?

Options for responses:
- Write about what you noticed. Share a page of your journal, certain images, or language that came up for you after this experience.
- Film yourself (and your partner/s) dancing this score.

Please email responses to [email protected] by August 15. Thank you!
You can also tag us on social media @vermontdance or use the hashtag, #dancingdigitally to connect.

Join us on Sunday, July 26 at 3pm for a community Zoom practice of Nicole’s score! (password: vda)

We are pleased to announce that this project is supported in part by the Vermont Humanities Council. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed do not necessarily represent those of Vermont Humanities Council.

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