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this reel showcases some of the work I have created working in the visual effects field.

Corey Bastiaans 2019 Reel Breakdown

1. Vice: Afghan Villiage. env layout, lookdev, lighting
2. Vice: Fish Monster. lookdev, lighting.
3. Timeless Pilot: Hindenburg zeppelin element. Created shaders and lookdev for blimp, rendered sequences including wet render passes and explosions integration.
4. Clan of the Cave Bear Pilot: lighting on several sequences featuring yeti fur creatures.
5. Lemony Snickets: Deadly Viper (created shader dev diffraction shader pass as well as lighting sequence)
6. The 100: Solar panel array (created shaders and textures for solar panels including broken variations. created renders to be used as projections in Nuke for several shots).
7. The 100: Gorilla (created fur shading texture mattes and wet maps for gorilla asset, Lit and rendered several shots in a sequence).
8. The 100: Space walk (lit and rendered sequence of shots including a linkup to live action docking bay interior).
9. The 100: Endless staircase (created shaders and textures for a staircase set extension. Also created lighting and rendering sequence).
10. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2: Pagoda fight (lit and rendered several shot in a sequence culminating in a fight between two digi doubles crashing through dynamics elements atop a cg pagoda).
11. Clarisse space ship dev: Modelled spaceship based on concept art. Look dev and rendering in Clarisse using vdb volume for fog.
12. Barad Dur Clarisse DEV: modelled and textured tower using Maya and substancePainter. Clarisse lighting and rendering.
13. Transformers logo transition: modelled logos and render/lookdev in clarisse. composited in Nuke.
14. Clarisse mountain environment: Sculpted terrain in zBrush, Speed trees scattered onto the terrain geometry and rendered in Clarisse.
15. Thor hammer lookDev: Substance painter textures . lighting/rendering in Clarisse Ifx
16. Beach Photogrammetry: Using Agisoft photoscan to create a beach scene. rendered in Clarisse.

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