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Bluetorch Segments - Mike Stewart 1

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These are the two segments that I produced while working at Bluetorch of Mike Stewart. *In the thumbnail* Mike is outside of the garage where the first bodyboard was created by Tom Morey (his house in Kona at the break referred to as Honel's) and in Hamakua at Mike's house were shot in the fall of 2000. That garage housed Tom Morey's workshop, I believe, where Mike was hired as an assistant - then became more of a design apprentice. The house in Hamakua was the result of many years of Mike and Lisa's hard work and dedication. Mike almost nixed videoing his house - even though I'd flown from California to shoot him at home - because he was worried it might come off wrong. MTV's CRIBS had just been created in September of 2000, and Mike didn't want to appear as some of the Celebrities or Rappers seemingly trying to appear as opulent as possible. Most of the action footage, I shot in the Spring of 2000 (Mike at the Pipe Contest he was now running) or Summer of 2000 in Tahiti at the Skins Event and waiting period. Giant MAHALO's to everyone that also contributed footage to Bluetorch for these segments! Scotty Carter, Brian Stokes (the rights from a Mentawai boat trip that were in a No Friends video - I believe Brian shot those), the Wedge footage made available by Tom Lynch perhaps? And Mike's slow motion handheld POV at Teahupo'o courtesy of Scotty Carter (in trade for my Padang Padang footage that was used as an 'extra' on the Fire DVD. If I left you out of the credits and you provided one of the shots - please notify me so I can add your name!

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