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'69 Opposites Attract' - The Longest Running Webseries In The World - Celebrates Bad-Art, Experimental, Satire With Light Erotica. For the first time, an Indian filmmaker fuses, Andy Wharhol's 'Visual Art Movement' with Indian kitsch & pulp - Pulp Fiction! Styled as mockumentary, the webseries is the epitome of mixed-art production (cast, crew, equipment, locations) with many webisodes (episodes) shot as single-person crew!

Few feel '69 Opposites Attract' is soft-porn; this video is dedicated by 'Team 69' to them, with all our hard love
These FOB kids flunked film-school or weren't fortunate enough to attend one. Context! Did I hear them say, what's that? A tight slap across their face is the fact that '69 Opposites Attract' is a Case Study @ prestigious Business Schools and Film Schools worldwide and in less than a year has gained a 'Cult Status' with 10 million views across social-media platforms.

Starting, December 2018, "69 Opposites Attract" has won 10 awards in the categories of Best Webseries, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Trailer, Best Screenwriter, Best Concept. It's Original Spinoff "Honey Kapoor" Is A Six-Cut Feature Film Franchise. The Webseries Streams 24 December 2018 onwards till 31 December 2100 EXCLUSIVELY ON
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The plot is about guerilla-filmmaker & superstar, Honey Kapoor (Amit R Agarwal); as he turns camera onto himself, recounting his Superstardom's, decade long rise and fall; as he prepares to reboot his most famous film, '69 Opposites Attract'.

'69 Opposites Attract' mocks taboo subjects and is a tight slap on the face of hypocrisy, the nepotism, the dual moralistic standards, the sexuality, the vibrancy & the enigma that 'Bollywood' or even 'Hollywood', is infamous for.

Hollywood actress & star Dominique Swain, launched the webseries on November 18, 2016 at a gala event. The webseries provides Vertical Integration in Entertainment Industry with opportunities in each of the four basic phases in an entertainment professionals' career:

1. Training (acting, scripting, direction & cinematography) ll 2. Work ll 3. Press & Media ll 4. Awards

It questions 'the audience' about their understanding of Cinema and seeks an answer to the drift of 'The Artist' and 'The Disaster Artist'?
What's that? :)

Enjoy the Webseries. Complete Details @

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