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Attic Windows of the Infinite Trailer

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'Attic Windows of the Infinite' is a film like nothing else. Shot on analogue 35mm using different stereoscopic, lenticular and toy action capture cameras animated together to make a world that layers and freezes time, dancing back and forth in space. The viewer is invited to slip through the screen between the flickering pixels into a realm of shifting dimensions.

The film depicts a place that could be everywhere and nowhere. It loops through space and time, cycling through seasons, day and night, growth and decay to create an uncanny, hypnotic work. Much like 'Koyanasquaasti' (1982) depicted an accelerated hyperlapse, this is a world suspended in a perpetual present.

It is shot on vintage/toy cameras - some work like a stereograph, freezing a fraction of a moment and dancing around it in 3D space, others make Muybridge-style short sequences, a micro or beggar's cinema. The audio by Rob Shields takes field recordings and samples from 78rpm records looped back and forth to create a haunting spatial soundtrack.

It begins as it ends, with chemical strips at the end of film reels forming minimal horizons. Scenes emerge from the grain and sink back. The spaces are urban, edgelands, coastal - generic; everywhere and nowhere, landscapes of half-forgotten memories, places spliced together in dreams.

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